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"The LIVELIVE Project is encouraging the public to fulfill their creative potential. I am proud that with the help of partners such as Mark's LIVELIVE Project we are delivering our vision to use the power of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games to boost participation in the creative arts."
London 2012 Chairman, Lord Sebastian Coe

Video sequence: Colourfornia provided by Nick Thomm

- Cultural engagement project for London 2012.
- Over 100,000 daily participants.
- Part of the British Library's permanent archive.
- Featured in London's Olympic and Paralympic ceremonies.
- Broadcast on the BBC Big Screen network at all 24 Live Sites across the UK.
- An Olympic IOC and London 2012 Inspire Mark certified project.
- Featuring archival footage from the world's leading art institutions, including TATE Modern.
- Part of the UK's Cultural Olympiad.
- Supported the recommissioning of
- A world first.
- Informs government cultural engagement strategy at local and national levels in England.

‘LIVELIVE’ Project is a new digital arts periodical and community engagement programme designed and produced by artist Mark John Smith for broadcast both online, and via the BBC’s network of Olympic Live Sites.

‘LIVELIVE’ aims to enrich the everyday experiences of the public by bringing art from the ‘gallery/institution’ into the public domain. 7 digital periodicals were produced each exploring a unique mix of emerging creative talent, art history information and user generated feedback.
Part of the UK's Cultural Olympiad & Paralympic torch lighting ceremonies.

Image: BBC Big Screen. At the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 1/24 Nationwide, UK. 270 sq ft LED screen. Image courtesy of LOCOG / IOC press office

Tweets and content via TATE Modern, London.

Video sequence: LIVELIVE Project - Issue 2, excerpt

"In so many of our cities, public space is taken up by commercial advertising, but this project is about claiming back digital media sites and using them to create a network of enriching and stimulating works that the public can enjoy.
Thanks to the support of the BBC and their Big Screen technology I have been able to fulfill my goal of creating a new kind of interactive arts programme which engages new arts audiences and promotes increased interaction with the creative arts." Mark John Smith

Dave Battcock, from the BBC Big Screen Project, said: "I have been working with Mark over the last 18 months on a variety of digital art projects here in the South East and found his enthusiasm and ambition both infectious and impressive."

Awarded the prestigious London 2012 Inspire mark, part of the UK's cultural Olympiad and legacy for the development of increased arts engagement.

Video sequence: The Inspire Programme provided by London 2012

Viewer feedback, responses and questions gathered via the London 2012 official app and social media platforms
Image: The London 2012 Join In official app for iPhone and android OS.

The LIVELIVE Project was also available via the official London 2012 app for iPhone and Android for the duration of the London Olympics, complementing the project's online and Live Site presence. Participants were encouraged to curate future programming of the project whilst suggesting and submitting creative content important to themselves and their community.


BBC Live Sites and Mark's LIVELIVE Project attracts more than 100,000 daily participants.
London 2012 Cultural strategy report. P24.


- Named as an official part of the London 2012 cultural Olympiad by LOCOG and the IOC.
- Featured in both Olympic and Paralympic torch lighting ceremonies.
- A cultural legacy. In 2013 the LIVELIVE Project was made part of KKC's Cultural Stratgy framework. Listing the project as a prime case study for the innovative use of social media and audience engagement techniques.
- A permanent site in the Olympic park. In London? Why not visit the LIVELIVE Project/Inspire Project memorial wall? It's housed within the Copper Box Stadium at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
- Archived by the British Library. In September 2014, The British Library added the LIVELIVE Project to their online digital and solid state permanent archives in London. Since 2004, the British Library has been selectively archiving websites and projects with research value that are representative of British social history and cultural heritage. The LIVELIVE now joins this collection.
Image: BBC Big Screen. 1/24 Nationwide, UK. 270 sq ft LED screen. Image courtesy of BBC Big Screens press office