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The LIVELIVE Project
Executive Director & Founder
Nationwide, UK
2011 - 2015

Founded with a mission to provide increased access to high-quality art programming and live experiences within public domain, the LIVELIVE Project innovated the formation of new high-level partnerships between some of the UK’s leading technological, media and creative entities.

“As a world’s first - the LIVELIVE Project is encouraging the public to fulfill their creative potential. I am very proud that with the help of partners such as mark, we are delivering our vision to use the power of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games to boost participation in the creative arts.”

Lord Sebastian Coe,
Member of the House of Lords

The LIVELIVE Project ™
Broadcasting Art to the Nation  

Situated at 24 outdoor BBC ‘Live Sites’ across the UK, this world’s first interactive digital arts periodical, broadcast via a network of permanent 270 square foot LED monitors, hands curatorial control of the country’s permanent collections and archives over to the public.

Deploying a suite of emergent interactive technologies, developed in unison with Panasonic, the BBC and IOC, LIVELIVE engaged 100,000 people daily, instantaneously expanding the worldwide reach of some of the UK’s most revered cultural institutions.

It is estimated that during 2012 alone, the LIVELIVE project directly impacted 48 million individuals - reaching over 73% of the UK’s total population.

Our National Archives
Curated by You

Unlike most, LIVELIVE is curated in real-time by the public. Utilizing newly emergent technologies, each digital periodical, on request, pulls a unique mix of contemporary work, art historical information and user-generated content from within the National Collection and then displays this at one, or perhaps all of 24 BBC Live Sites found across the UK. With a focus on user participation and engagement, broadcasts are complemented by in-situ live performance, creative programming and interactive events for individuals and families alike.

The LIVELIVE Project
A Lasting Legacy

- Over 100,000 active daily users

- Impacted 48 million individuals nationwide

- Engaged 73% of the UK’s population
- A global television audience of 4 billion

- 4 stadium ceremonies

- Part of the torch relay 8000 miles with 8000 torch bearers

- 11 new contemporary site specific art works
- Informs UK governmental planning
- Archived by the British Library
- Supported ACE recommissioning of

Awarded the prestigious London 2012 Inspire Mark, LIVELIVE forms part of the UK's Cultural Olympiad and legacy planning document for the continued worldwide development of increased arts participation & engagement.

LIVELIVE is archived by the British Library noted as a project of national significance. The selection committee cited the project’s “complex use of innovative emerging digital technologies and public participation” as merit for permanent preservation. 


"In so many of our cities, public space is taken up by commercial advertising. This project is about claiming back digital media sites and using them to create a network of enriching and stimulating works that the public can enjoy all day, everyday”

“Thanks to the support of the BBC and their Big Screen technology we are creating a new kind of interactive arts programming which engages new arts audiences and promotes increased interaction with the creative arts.”

“...LIVELIVE enriches the everyday experiences of the public by bringing art from within the gallery/institution and out into the public domain.”

Inspiring the next chapter
London 2012 to Tokyo 2020/21

“LIVELIVE  and ACE aim to get great art to everyone by championing, developing and investing in artistic experiences that enrich people’s lives.”

In February 2014, the British Council organized a series of public forums and a workshop to share the United Kingdom's experience from the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. Ms Ruth Mackenzie (Director, London 2012 Cultural Olympiad and Curator, London 2012 Festival), shared their experience and insight from delivering the highly acclaimed cultural program for London 2012.